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We provide a comprehensive range of services to the Legal profession, Corporate clients and the general public. PLC are Private Investigators who specialise in Surveillance, Sickness and absenteeism and Fraud Investigation.

Plc surveillance are a Private Investigation company in Manchester who strive to ensure the highest quality of service. All surveillance enquires carried out by experienced trained investigators. Conforming with the regulation of investigatory Powers Act 2000, and the EU Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Articles 6 & 8

who we are

We Are the People with Experience, Knowledge and innovation.

We deliver bespoke surveillance and investigation service's to our clients. Offering the latest Technology Equipment and Agents. Our intelligence team adds an extra level of depth to your matters, providing sound supporting evidence that will enhance your case and help deliver the results you need.

We can allocate a Private investigator to assist your surveillance needs in Manchester; Private investigator in Birmingham; Private investigator in London. Our Surveillance teams also work nationwide.


  • Consultancy

    Plc offer consultancy for lawyers and multi-national companies covering all aspects of risk mitigation through investigations. Specialising in Forensic Technology and Global Business Intelliegence.

  • analysis

    Data analysis has long been used to detect fraud. They require complex and time-consuming investigations that deal with different domains of knowledge like financial, economics, business practices and law.

  • planning

    Our Detective investigators obtain info by visual observation or other detection methods, about the activities and resources of an Enquiry subject or about the hydrographic, or geographic characteristics of a enquiry in a particular area