Instruct us

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    Contact us...

    Step 1 - Either Phone or fill in our contact form. One of our specialist advisors will receive and action your request and advise on the best course of action.

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    Plan and Action

    Step 2 - Our enquiry team will perform information enquiries and reconnaissance before carrying out any operation.

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    Reporting & Evidence

    Step 3 - PLC will provide detailed reports and evidence in connection to the enquiry and deliver affidavit or statements of truth in connection to the case.

Public Services

Matrimonial - Co Habitation - Children Services - Child Tracking

Co-habitation enquiries - evidence gathering through surveillance and investigative techniques allows PLC to provide the true picture.

Domestic Violence Injunctions - service of legal process in domestic violence matters including client liaison and joint co-operation with local police forces mean urgent matters are dealt with immediately.

Hague Convention - protection of children is a vital concern for anyone and PLC undertake sensitive investigations under difficult circumstances, excellent communication and strict controls ensure the safety of the child which is paramount.

Matrimonial - One of the most sensitive areas of private investigations, PlC value the sensitivity of these cases and adere to uphold the upmost integrety. Be Proactive... PLC can.... Uncover relationships, obligations, professional memberships, hidden children, criminal backgrounds and bad debts; get peace of mind and complete confidence or, at worst, avoid falling into a dangerous trap.

Child Tracking - They are the ones we love most, PLC can provide gps tracking solutions with realtime viewing via Pc or smartphone. Trackers can come with Panic buttons (Instant alert to our control centre or mobile number of your choice,) we can geo fence a certain area (School, Home) and if the tracker leaves that area PLC or you are alerted.

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