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    Step 1 - Either Phone or fill in our contact form. One of our specialist advisors will receive and action your request and advise on the best course of action.

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    Plan and Action enquiry

    Step 2 - Our commercial services team will perform information enquiries with support from our various databases and evidence gathering techniques.

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    Reporting & Evidence

    Step 3 - PLC will provide detailed reports and evidence in connection to the enquiry and deliver affidavit or staements of truth in connection to the case.

commercial Services

PLC Cover a varity of Corporate - Commercial services

Corporate Fraud - swift detection of the perpetuators, whether internal fraud (employees) or external fraud, reduces loss.

Corporate Ownership - identifying the directors, officers and shareholders of the target company for the purpose of issuing the correct proceedings.

Asset Tracking and Verification - for the freezing, seizure and recovery of the assets which enables the clients to obtain financial satisfaction and/or recovery of possessions.

Intelligence Gathering - by utilising this service the client is in a position to make an informed decision at the appropriate time.

Tracing - locating the defendant is a must in any civil litigation matter, using PLC's dedicated trace department will enable you or your clients to expedite the case providing a quicker settlement.

Status Enquiries - identifying whether the target company or individual is solvent can save your client money at an early stage.

Evidence Gathering - securing reliable evidence supports the case which strengthens the position.