A need for our support and services

There are a number of reasons why companies may seek interim support, services including:

  • - We remove the expense of planning for agents requirement
  • - We provide no nonsense time scales for duties in all fields
  • - We can work on a percentage per contract assignment, with no hidden fees.
  • - We provide vetted, fully experienced agents, we are continually training agents to deliver a service to your highest standards with knowledge of your company procedures.
  • - We remove your need to have equipment and surplus assets just lying around which are temporarily used, we are equipped with all the latest technology.
  • - We remove your expense of an in house professional video editor as we provide a secure editing service, Pinnacle professional suit.
  • - We return assignments surveillance jobs completed within 24 hour on completion of a task, this may vary on size of assignment a typical 2 day surveillance will be returned within 24 hours on completion.




procurement services

What can PLC’s, Services do for my company?
Our assignments are generally focused on one or more of the following client needs:

A need for cost base improvement
For some companies, a strong focus on cost base improvement is a way of life, for others an occasional drive. Whichever is the case with your company, PLC can improve your costing out to contracting agents and leave you better equipped in your office to get on with the more demanding daily workload.
This would typically include making all the relevant preparations to each assignment, man power, planning, paperwork, equipment scales and prompt wage payments to the specialist agents.

A need to assess procurement competence, strategies, organisation, systems, processes, policies and procedures, contracts etc.
Clients often seek a procurement service which provides staff trained to carry out specific duties. As well as providing this, PLC are fully insured, liability and indemnity with data protection register. Agents are competent in health and safety and fully understand the client requirements when privacy laws are to take effect. We are aware of when and when not to film or enter premises.

A need to improve staff competencies
Whether or not a client has dedicated procurement staff, there may be a need to assess and improve the procurement competencies of individuals charged with carrying out investigative/surveillance duties, which listed are a specialist field, from camera use to deployment of covert electronic devises.  PLC can satisfy this need either through mentoring or delivering appropriate courses.

  • -Communication skills, team leaders,
    -Radio voice procedure and discreet local to door enquiries.
  • -Video operators, HDD mobile DVR’s, SD, DV tape, Sony premium.
  • -Tracking devises, phase 4 latest technology.
  • -Covert wireless camera deployment immediate short term 5 hour 100m range.
  • -Covert wireless camera long term 24 hour to 14 days 1 to 1.5 kilometre range.
  • -Covert vehicle use to surveillance PTZ and clean vehicle use.
  • -Reconnaissance intelligence providing.
  • -Male or female agents.