de-bugging services

To most people, the letters “IT” stand for Information Technology. To us it means Information Theft. If you think about it, there is nothing more valuable to a business than it’s information. That’s why you back up your data, lock away your discs and lock up your offices at night. You probably shred your sensitive documents too. You do all these things to keep your work and information secure.  



Anti surveillance

The Theft?
You could have been excused for not implementing counter surveillance measures in the past into your organisation. Until fairly recently, commercial "bugging" was a specialist business undertaken usually by ex-security services personnel using high cost and difficult to obtain surveillance equipment. Not any more.

Take a look in any High Street today and you will find stores selling cheap low cost surveillance cameras and recording devices. They are everywhere. Your town may even have a “Spy Shop”. These businesses sell low cost transmitting bugs and taps, most of them illegal to sell, buy, own or use.

Then there is the Internet. Type “Spying equipment” into a search engine and see what comes back. Bugs are cheap, some cost as little as £20 making them disposable. It takes just seconds to deploy a limpet bug.
It is now estimated that 200,000 such devices are sold in the UK every year, an industry worth over £5m.per annum.

Technical Counter-Surveillance specialists operating nationally and internationally dedicated to help you keep your business information in the right hands.

Please note
Our services are available strictly for legitimate business and personal privacy purposes only. We do not accept instructions relating to concerns surrounding the activities, or suspected involvement, of any Law Enforcement Agency. We reserve the right to insist on a signed statement of confirmation that our services are not required for such scenarios or concerns, prior to any engagement.